Sanatan Dharma

ॐ श्री गणेशाय नमः


If Brahman an infinite ocean, then Atma a wave within be,

Ocean not different from its waves, the waves as ocean be;

They are but one and the same – very similar in actuality,

So Brahman and Atma are one and the same in reality.

– 286 –


All Vedic traditions have purpose and logical fully,

If we understand what it is we can explain it clearly,

But people know not its reasons or purpose currently,

Let us re-awaken to its reasons followed for centuries.

– 1 –


Spirituality relentless pursuit of the highest Truth be,

One’s real spiritual identity beyond the physical body,

And as part of the Supreme Spirit it definitely does be,

It a way of spiritual realization, beyond blind faith truly.

– 2 –

It is beyond conventional forms of religion certainly,

Which keeps one bound to a dogma or beliefs sadly,

It based on one’s experience of self-realization plainly,

When experience of Truth shows the spiritual realities.

– 3 –

Self-realization is perceiving one’s real identity truly,

As Self within body – higher than mind or intellect be,

But beyond all material components or influences it be,

It is stage of enlightenment and who you really do be.

– 4 –

The true Self is not limited to material conditions clearly,

Its nature is eternal and blissful consciousness certainly,

When one recognizes Self but same as of others does be,

Personifies peace, love, empathy to uplift world nobly.

– 5 –

Growth of beliefs, skills, arts, crafts, etc., does culture be,

Spiritual culture – divine manifestation and human nature be,

Development via practice and expression over time truly,

Expressed by music, dance, writings and worship so clearly.

– 6 –

Any other form that doesn’t rest its base specifically,

On divine nature of all beings cannot a contributor be,

To the combined spiritual culture and development fully,

The Vedic system is for responsibly doing this precisely.

– 7 –

The word for God herein but Bhagwan does be,

Bhag implies absolute attributes to Fame, Beauty,

Dharma, Wealth, Knowledge, and Detachment truly,

One possessing these attributes is Bhagwan surely.

– 8 –

One personified as perfect – par excellence God be,

With virtue-incarnate, limitless right conduct God be,

As Maryada Purshottama Shri Ram or Sri Krishna be,

Who par-excellence can guide the rest of the society.

– 9 –

Who follows right conduct known as an avatar surely,

He is God who descends to this material realm so clearly,

Or as Vedanta-Sutras also says, God – Absolute Truth be,

From Him but does all else manifest but unquestionably.

– 10 –

© Munindra Misra